Overall Consent Permission Form 2017-18


This ‘blanket permission’ covers several aspects of how we enrich and communicate the curriculum and assists in maintaining your child’s health and wellbeing.  Most of all it is hoped to prevent you being constantly bombarded with permission requests.  We would be grateful if you could read the following information carefully and then tick each section with either yes or no.   All information will be kept securely.

We will assume that if you have not completed a particular section then you do not wish for your child to participate in this particular activity so please complete this form as fully as you wish.

Local Visits

As part of our curriculum we may go out into the locality and visit the Cosham area (within walking distance of the school).  For example, this may include visiting the local church, park and local amenities.  In line with Portsmouth City Council guidelines, risk assessments are completed for all off site activities.  Permission for visits that require transport will be dealt with separately.



Food Technology

We will give the children opportunities to taste/cook food or drink as part of a particular topic under the supervision of a teacher or adult helper.

Further Allergies


As part of a government initiative, all children will have access to a piece of fruit or vegetable daily. 

Face Painting

I give permission for my child to have their face painted



We often find it very useful to record and share aspects of school life, including children’s work, visits out, performances and achievements with digital photographs, audio recordings and video. These may go on display around the school or be kept as a hard copy.

You may gather from our large investment in information communication technology that the World Wide Web is increasingly used as a fabulous resource for learning.  Court Lane Infant School has the appropriate screenings to safeguard what children can access.

Library Books