Aims, Vision and Values


  • We want children to flourish, leading happy healthy lives, with skills and attitudes to adapt in an ever changing world and in doing so fulfil their aspirations and dreams
  • We aim to inspire by providing learning experiences that are engaging, thought provoking and creative
  • We aim to capture energy and enthusiasm of young learners to inspire them to develop a love of learning that is life long
  • We aim for excellence together, achieving this through a partnership with parents and children, to help us understand and provide for academic, physical, social and emotional needs
  • We believe that children should develop a happy way of playing and learning together; that self-respect leads to a respect for the rights and needs of others from their own and other cultures
  • We want people to be successful learners and confident individuals who feel valued and are encouraged to take responsibility for their own actions as part of this school community, the wider community and our world
  • We teach a rich and relevant curriculum by building on from what the children already know and using this as a platform for future learning


UNITE ….. Our partnership with parents is essential and valued when encouraging young children to attain high standards of effort, achievement and behaviour. United we can achieve so much more to help children feel proud of success, support their next steps and celebrate their individuality.

INSPIRE….. We want children to enjoy and achieve now so they feel good about themselves and have a thirst for learning more. In order to do this we have to find out what they can already do, how they learn best, what interests them and how we can engage their curiosity, light their imaginations and deepen the learning.

EXCEL…… We have high expectations and ambitions that we strive hard to achieve for every individual, improving high standards and maintaining a positive reputation within the community.