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HM Forces Children and Support Offered at Court Lane Infant School


If your child has a parent who is, or lives with, a member of the Armed Forces then please let us know, using the form below,  as we offer a wide variety of support and activities for HM Forces children.                                 

As you are aware, schools receive additional funding to provide any extra support and to lessen the effects of frequent changes of school and separation from a serving parent deployed on operations.  This funding provides us with the opportunity to focus on additional social, emotional and academic support if required.


Our support includes the following:


  • A school point of contact Mrs V Hoade, who can be found on the playground every morning before school, or myself Mrs K Pickett
  • Court Lane Koalas are available and can be taken away on deployment
  • Specific books in the library aimed at supporting children when their parent is away from home
  • Military kids club - held jointly with the junior school


We also work with a group of local schools and the Naval Families Federation to offer additional activities for HM Forces children by providing them with opportunities to meet other forces children and/or gain a deeper understanding of the work of their parents.  Recently, this has included a visit to HMS Nelson to attend the Remembrance Parade and a visit to HMS St Albans.


It is really important that we work together to support children, particularly when a parent is on deployment.  Please ensure that you inform us when this happens so that I and all staff at Court Lane can keep an ‘extra eye’ on your child and ensure we provide support if needed; also so that your child can give you a bear to take away with you.


If you have any questions then please do not hesitate to contact me.


Karen Pickett, Assistant Head of School


As mentioned on the 26th of May newsletter, here is the Armed Forces form.