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16th of November, 2018

It is so great to receive the Ofsted letter now, following the recent short inspection, and read such positive things about our school. It is testament to the skill of the inspector in such a short time to recognise the many aspects of our Infant school and sum up our school to its community so succinctly. 

There are so many comments that I could pick out to highlight that we are very proud to read:

The highlights, noted are:

 1)      Pupils say “they love coming to school”, how wonderful to hear!

2)      They describe school as “brilliant, fantastic and fun” we believe this means both memorable and motivating learning and I commend the team who work tirelessly to evolve this.

3)      “Pupils have some excellent opportunities to apply their skills in a wide range of contexts”.

4)      “Disadvantaged pupils make rapid and sometimes very rapid progress across the curriculum”.

5)      I lead “an ambitious, hardworking and happy school”. I am delighted that Ofsted recognise that we aim for the highest possible standards for all of our pupils.

 Please find the full letter on our website at:

 Schools need to be challenged and it is quite right that the standards demanded from us are as high as they can be. It is my intention to continue to drive improvement so that our school continues to offer the very best we can for the children in our care.

I am so proud that once again, this time it was an Ofsted Inspector, who commented about the very positive ethos and atmosphere within the school. This is not something that can be prepared for when Ofsted call. It takes many months, every day, with the professional skill and continued commitment of individuals and happens when all members of the team collectively are pulling in the same direction, with shared high expectations. We are fully supported in this by the University of Chichester Multi Academy Trust. We are also most thankful for unity with parents who support our work because without your partnership, children would not thrive as they do.


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